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Vijay Sammy, CPA

Vijay Sammy, CPA

President, Vijay Sammy CPA LLC

We go beyond the numbers for you

Knowledge helps your company to make wise judgments and achieve more. We provide strategic client care and guidance, something that simple accountants and tax preparers cannot do. From forecasting to expenditure analysis to boosting growth margins, we offer advice on everything.

We and our business partners go beyond the numbers on the spreadsheet and support you in achieving your objectives while avoiding the traps that many expanding firms encounter. Strategic planning and execution are the main focuses of business advising services.

Vijay Sammy CPA LLC has demonstrated a sustained, unwavering commitment to our clients, fellow team members and community for nearly 16+ years. Our success stems from our genuine desire to do good for our clients and their family at large. Their success is our mission. We love people from all walks of life, race, creed and religion.

Vijay Sammy CPA brings over 25 years of experience. He has a “tell it as it is” mentality as long as it will benefit others. He leads the company and instills values deep-rooted in his upbringing of truth, hard work and helping fellow neighbors. We believe that everyone can thrive and succeed if they focus on physical, financial and spiritual well-being. We at Vijay Sammy CPA, LLC believe we can endure all obstacles and find the balance beyond numbers.