Obtained Tier 1 media coverage in Forbes, VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Fortune and Business Insider, among others. Placed Groove’s CEO Chris Rothstein on Bloomberg Technology once per quarter discussing Salesforce and the sales technology landscape.


Placed the CEO on Bloomberg Technology twice around Salesforce earnings


Obtained Tier 1 coverage in Forbes and VentureBeat, among many others


Groove is a sales productivity platform that enables revenue leaders to increase dollars per rep across every division of the Enterprise. Groove increases seller productivity by arming your sellers with a suite of productivity tools that enable them to attain higher quota achievement via workflow automation and AI-driven guided selling.


Groove was working to secure a next round of funding, and had never done media relations. In addition, they are in a very competitive space with larger companies like Outreach and SalesLoft. The company wanted to move forward creating a new category starting with awareness – sales engagement platforms.


SamsonPR worked with Groove’s CEO and executive team to build out a strong PR program foundation, messaging and target media for coverage. SamsonPR developed and released a funding announcement for Groove, introducing the company to top tier media and building solid stories, leveraging their CEO and key analysts to speak with media. SamsonPR then ran a year-long PR program to raise Groove’s profile and build momentum over time.