SamsonPR leveraged Pacvue’s high-level media relationships across business, tech and retail/advertising/e-commerce publications to get more meaningful coverage. Pacvue got acquired for nine figures 1.5 years after retaining SAMSON PR to build awareness and thought leadership.


Got Melissa Burdick, Co-Founder of Pacvue, on Bloomberg Technology with Emily Change (in 377 million homes globally) three times in the first six months of working together


Pacvue and its President Melissa Burdick were featured in Business Insider 11 times in the first six months of working together.


The Pacvue team blends a deep history of advertising and eCommerce expertise. Co-Founder Melissa Burdick spent 10 years at Amazon, where she helped launch the CPG Health & Beauty retail business. Pacvue’s other Co-Founder Zhaohui Tang helped build Microsoft Ad Center and AdSage, and has industry-leading experience developing AI-based advertising solutions. When Amazon began building its advertising partner ecosystem in 2017, Pacvue was one of the first to launch a software solution via the API. Since then, Pacvue has expanded to additional retailers and international marketplaces, with more still to come.


Pacvue was engaged with a PR agency prior to SamsonPR. They were getting some average media coverage; however, the results were minimal and according to Pacvue, they didn’t have the media relationships necessary to drive meaningful coverage. There were many articles running in publications that Pacvue should have been in but unfortunately were left out. They wanted to change this and get their founder in front of the right media.


SamsonPR was engaged to build the Pacvue story, launch a data program with media and position Pacvue’s President and Co-Founder Melissa Burdick as an expert resource for stories around Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. Received coverage in outlets such as Adweek, Advertising Age, Retail Dive, Digital Commerce 360, MediaPost, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CNBC and Forbes, among many others.